Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a method of treatment based on brief exposure of human body to ultralow temperatures in order to trigger immune mechanisms and to normalize working of all body systems. WBC causes stimulation of endorphins, enzymes, and immune reactions. In addition metabolic and regenerative processes are also turned on. WBC, as we know it today, originated in Japan. It was Dr. Yamauchi who in the late 70’s found a method to rapidly cool the body surface by using Nitrogen gas. The method has been further researched and developed and with Cryo Center Netherlands you can make use of the newest and most advanced form of cryotherapy in the world: The Cryosense.

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The Doctors TV Show featuring Whole Body Cryotherapy

Crossfitster Kim Kiona at Cryo Center

Dr Chris Bleakley on the benefits of Cryotherapy

The benefits of the Cryosense cabin

There are multiple forms of Whole Body Cryotherapy, such as ice baths or cold saunas.

Privacy and Comfort

The Cryosense cabin is a single person treatment. The height adjustable cabin allows the head to free and perform the treatment from the shoulders down. Our expert technicians ensure a 1 on 1 personal and professional experience from start to finish.


Optimal effect

Cryosense Cryotherapy is a technique that consists in exposing our bodies to low temperatures, between +80ºC and -196ºC for three minutes thanks to the cold liquid nitrogen vapour that is released inside the Cryosense cabin.

Safety First

At Cryo Center Netherlands safety is our top priority. Cryosense is the safest cryotherapy cabin on the market as it alone includes the latest technology for monitoring sessions and ensuring maximum safety.


There are hundreds of thousands of regular clients, older and younger, who use cryotherapy on a regular basis for its amazing health benefits. When we subject our bodies to sub-zero temperatures, our bodies go into a fight-or-flight response that is meant to keep us from freezing.

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International athletes absolutely love Whole Body Cryotherapy! Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Serena Williams are just a few of the names who swear by the benefits of cryotherapy and how it benefits their sports careers.

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Beauty en Wellness

Hollywood is also in love with Whole Body Cryotherapy for its multiple beauty and wellness benefits. Daniel Craig, Tony Robbins, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, and various Victoria Secret models are all regular users of cryotherapy.

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